Rich Problems Lyrics by Dave East

Rich Problems is a newly released English song on the official YouTube channel of Dave East. The song was song and written by Dave East. Today in this post we are going to share the song Rich Problems Lyrics in English.

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Song: Rich Problems

Singer: Dave East

Lyrics: Dave East

Category: English song

Release date: Jun 30, 2023

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Rich Problems Lyrics by Dave East

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(La la la la la la)

(La la la la la la)


(La la la la la la)

They think money answer every problem, you know?

I’m having rich nigga problems

Straight jacket crazy

Might end up in that asylum

Think I’m always in a good mood

You see me smiling

Little devil on my shoulder and he wilding

Rich nigga problems

Bank account great

My homies dying

Your bitch don’t know you trying

Everything you say you lying

Honor and defiance

I never rolled with the masses

Fuck viral

This flow a virus

I got the touch of Midas

One eye open like a pirate

Like my living private

That Hollywood shit I tried it when I got invited

When they in that dark space they try to soak your light up

Headlines talking down on you in like every write up

I might just confide in a priest

I feel like Pac in ’93

I stay away from suckas

Pops got diabetes

It’s dying season

Momma crying season

I escaped the comma after comma season

Died without a reason

Who gon explain that to your mother while she Go Fund you

She cooking dinners for the block somehow she go hungry

Appetite fucked up

Can’t even eat

Body tight

Both eyes heavy

Can’t even sleep

Youngin wasn’t too high to swing

Just out of reach

The way the Lord speak through my lyrics you think I preach

Rich nigga problems get tricky

They think you sleep

Rich nigga problems

I got a [?] with Meech

Colosseum, Jamaica Avenue got my sneaks

Thinking of the gangstas that died that I got to meet

Thinking of the times when I hustled

I couldn’t breathe

I got a homie only deal with white

I call him Bleach

He started getting work out in Memphis

I called him Bleek

The biggest out the two niggas with em

I called him sheek

Maleaka called him freaky

Other niggas called him Lique

Real nigga problems

I still see him in my sleep

I’m having rich nigga problems

They say money is the root of evil

I seen what it do to people

They told me money is the root of evil

I seen what it do to people

Money is the root of evil

I’m having rich nigga problems

Taking trips with a stylist

Givenchy or Celine I can’t decide

I’m getting higher

These shrooms up in my body got me talking to Elijah Muhammad

Ask him what happened to Malcolm

Just be honest

Our forefathers had more problems than we could handle

Just trynna set examples

Every corner I see candles

Murals on the wall of my store

Really been poor

Black king feel like a Moor

Mansa Musa

I’m the one that introduced your wife to Kama Sutra

Have her screaming hallelujah

God bless her soul

Like beach chairs

Watch niggas fold

Like momma with my clothes

The task force out on a Tuesday

You thinking tacos

Cali cartel

Fuck jail

I feel like Pacho

Never speak a word like you Pablo and I’m Gustavo

Crib out in the burbs so my daughters don’t see no potholes

Since a snot nose I wanted rich nigga problems

Familiar with the broke ones

Bitches I done choked some

Rich nigga problems

TMZ just want a story

Drink Champs twisted

Got me telling shit to NORE

A lot of fake love

Fell back when I dropped Corey

Problems of a rich nigga

Broke niggas bore me

With coke aunty saw me

My ghosts niggas haunt me

Tears dropping down my face

Kobe in the car seat

Kairi want the world

And I don’t care bout what it cost me

They say money is the root of evil

I seen what it do to people

They told me money is the root of evil

I seen what it do to people

They say money is the root of evil

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