Xunti Xuleng Lyrics by Achurjya Borpatra 

Xunti Xuleng is a newly released Assamese song on the YouTube channel Bidisha Devi official. The song was sung by Achurjya Borpatra and Bidisha Devi. Today in this post we are going to share this song Xunti Xuleng Lyrics in English and Assamese

Before we get to our lyrics section, here at some details about the song Xunti Xuleng by Achurjya Borpatra 

Song details: 

Song: Xunti Xuleng 

Vocals: Bidisha Devi & Achurjya Borpatra

Lyrics/ Composition: Ramen Danah 

Category: Assamese song 

Release date: Mar 29, 2023 

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Xunti Xuleng Lyrics in English 

Read Xunti Xuleng Lyrics in English language 

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Xunti Xuleng Lyrics in Assamese 

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Who wrote the song lyrics? 

Ramen Danah wrote the lyrics of this song. 

Who sang this song? 

Bidisha Devi & Achurjya Borpatra sang this song. 

Final word: 

I hope you like this song Xunti Xuleng lyrics in English. Also read the song lyrics in Assamese language on Bangla lyrics Zone

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