Titiki Tita Lyrics by Puja Konch

Titiki Tita is a newly release Assamese song sung by Puja Konch. The song has a beautiful vibe and a beautiful lyrics to read. The song was released on the youTube channel Inclusive Melodies. If you also loved the song and looking for the lyrics then read the complete song Titiki Tita lyrics in English and Assamese.

Before we get to our lyric section, here are some details about the song Titiki Tita by Puja Konch.

Song Details:

Titiki Tita Lyrics by Puja Konch

Performed by– Puja Konch

Lyrics & Composition– Jagat Mahish

Music| Mixing & Mastering| Additional Composition– Himanshu Garg (Mitpan)

Additional Lyrics– Kanchan Dutta

Category: Assamese song

Release Date: May 21, 2023

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Titiki Tita Lyrics in English

Read Titiki Tita Lyrics in English language-

Titik Tita Titiki Tita, Tita Kerear Paat

Kiman Ne Hunibi Hedang De borola

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Titiki Tita Lyrics in Assamese

Read the complete song lyrics in Assamese language

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Who wrote the song Titiki Tita Lyrics?

Jagat Mahish wrote the lyrics of this song.

Who sang this song?

Puja Konch sang this song.

Final Words:

We Hope you liked this full song Titiki Tita Lyrics in English. Also read the complete song lyrics in Assamese on Bangla Lyric Zone.

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