Top 10 Best Assamese Songs by Zubeen Garg

Looking for Zubeen Garg’s best Assamese songs of all time? Well, its not that hard. As for our famous and successful Zubeen Garg of Assam, he has given a lot of hit music in many languages such as Assamese, Hindi, and Bangla. Assamese people or we are from Assam, are crazy about Zubeen Garg, he is like our start of Assam. Recently, his very first Assamese thriller movie is going to release. So, for an early celebration of his movie, we have selected the most amazing Assamese Music Given By Zubeen Garg. Check the Best Assamese Songs by Zubeen Garg.

Before we head start, just letting you know that we have made separate articles for Best Hindi Songs by Zubeen Garg, and Best Bihu Songs by Zubeen Garg. check if you are interested in them too

Who is Zubeen Garg

Zubeen Borthakur was born in Assam, India. Zubeen Garg is a music director, composer, and lyricist. He also acts as an actor, director, producer, scriptwriter, and philanthropist. While he sings mainly in Assamese, Bengali, and Hindi-language film/music industries, he has also sung in other languages such as English, Goalpariya, and Kannada. He plays 12 instruments, including Ananda Lohori and totara. He is Assam’s most-paid singer.

Best of 50 Assamese Songs by Zubeen Garg

If we are talking about only Assamese songs, there are still so many songs sung by Zubeen Garg. Even his old-day songs are so favorite of people in 2023. So, ignoring all the old and new songs, we have come up with a list of the 50 best Assamese songs of Zubeen Garg, here we go-

Pakhi Pakhi Aei Mon

We will definitely list this song Pakhi Pakhi Aei Mon song as the first on our list. This is not just a song, this is an emotion I say. This song is from 1999 and it is still as fresh as it was first released. Especially Assamese people love to listen to this song.

pakhi pakhi ei mon lyrics

It’s like the song of Assam. From our Grandfather to our kids will remember and sing this song. The amazing vibe of the song and beautiful lyrics with a combination of melody music and Zubeen Garg’s voice got this song perfect.

Read Pakhi Pakhi Aei Mon Lyrics

Listen to the song Here-


Well, just like the previous one Pakhi Pakhi, this song Mayabini is another Master Piece from Zubeen Garg. It’s not a big deal for Zubeen as he often throws masterpieces like this in the music industry but this is just another golden day song that will never be going down from Assamese people’s minds.

mayabini ratir buku t best song by zubeen garg lyrics

Mayabini song is Sung by Zubeen Garg and Kalpana and its lyrics are written by Sumit Acharya. The amazing lyrics and deep heart-touching voice of Zubeen Garg in this song are just heart-calming. There is a Bengali version of this song too and it is a nice song too.

Read Mayabini Song Lyrics in Assamese-

Listen to the song Here-


Dhulikona is a song from the young days of Zubeen Garg. He himself acted in the music video. We can’t say that the video is super good but the song is ahead of its time. Zubeen Garg , Zublee Baruah, and Panchana Rabha sung this song on 2019. The beautiful lyrics of this song were written by Sasanka Samir.

dhulikona lyrics by zubeen garg

Dhulikona song has received 24 million views on today’s date and it is one of the most favorite Assamese songs by Zubeen Garg.

Read To Dhulikona Lyrics in Assamese-

Listen to the song Here-

Maya Mathu Maya

This one is really an old song by Zubeen Garg. If you watch the video song of Maya Mathu Maya then you will realize the true golden days of Zubeen Garg and his real appearance. This song was sung by Zubeen Garg and written byZubeen Garg Himself. Even in the video song, Zubeen Garg can be seen with his guitar which is very nice to watch. 

maya mathu maya lyric in assamese best assamese songs by zubeen garg

The song has got 7 million views on YouTube. We have made lyrics for this beautiful song too.

Read Maya Mathu Maya Lyrics-

Listen to the song Here-

Popiya Tora

Popiya Tora is definitely an evening song for sure. Beautiful slow music, melody music, and Zubeen Garg’s voice made this song evergreen. Since the release of this song in 2019, it got 9 million views. 

The song was sung by Zubeen Garg and its beautiful lyrics are written by Rahul Gautam. We also made a lyric page for this song too.

Read Popiya Tora lyrics in Assamese-

Listen to the song Here-

Pogola Pogola by Zubeen Garg

This song is also a very famous Assamese song by Zubeen Garg. The dancing music, and the beautiful lyric can give you goosebumps. This viral Assamese song is from an old album Abhimani Mon which was sung by Zubeen Garg in 2009.

Pogola Pogola is my personal favorite. You can listen to this song when you really want to dance, and i swear, you won’t regret it.

Read Pogola Pogola Lyrics in Assamese-

Listen to the song Here-

Kolia Meghe by Zubeen Garg

Songs like these are the reason Zubeen Garg is now one of the most successful singers. Kolia Meghe is a song from 1994, sung by Zubeen Garg, this song is from the album Megh. This Evergreen song is still the favorite of every Assamese.

You can watch the video song where the young Zubeen Garg is singing and acting on the video with his guitar and wearing opened button shirt. This explains the perfect 90’s appearance of Zubeen.

Read Kolia Meghe Lyrics in Assamese

Listen to this song Here-

Jaanmoni Tumi Bohagor

Talking about this romantic Assamese song, Jaanmoni Tumi Bohagor is one of the most popular songs of Zubeen Garg. Its perfect music and lyric rhythm sit in a perfect manner and people like the tuning of the song a lot.

Jaanmoni Tumi Bohagor is a song from the 90s and this evergreen song still lives in Assamese people’s hearts.

Read Janmoni Tumi Bohagor lyrics-

Listen to this Song Here-

Ki Naam Di Matim

Ki Naam Di Matim is another song by Zubeen Garg with the female singer Bhaswati Bharati. This song is the latest Assamese song from the new upcoming movie Dr. Bezbaruah 2.

After releasing the song, it became quite viral and everyone loved the beautiful lyric of this Zubeen Garg’s Top Assamese song. If you haven’t listened to this song yet, then you should definitely enjoy this song.

Listen to this song Here-

Read Ki Naam Di Matim Lyrics-

Tumi Mur Mathu Mur

This last one is a beautifully lyrical song from the very old days of Zubeen Garg. The video of this song really reflects how the beginning of Zubeen Garg’s journey was.

Tumi Mur Mathu Mur is a song produced by NK Productionn. If you haven’t of this song then you should definitely listen to this song. 

Read Tumi Mur Mathu Mur Lyrics

Listen to this song Here-

Final Words: Zubeen’s Best Assamese songs here. If you are looking for top old songs of Zubeen Garg then let me tell you that this list is all about the best Assamese songs by Zubeen Garg himself. We have hand-picked the most popular songs of Zubeen just for you. We hope you will enjoy this list of Top 10 best Assamese songs by Zubeen Garg.


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