Atrangi Kissa Lyrics in English – Fukrey 3

Atrangi Kissa is a newly released Hindi song sung by Gandhharv Sachdeva & Divya Kumar and written by Vipul Vig. Today in this post we are going to share the song Atrangi Kissa Lyrics in English and Hindi.

Song Details

Song Name – Atrangi Kissa

Singers – Gandhharv Sachdeva & Divya Kumar

Music Director – Sumeet Bellary

Lyrics By Vipul Vig

Movie: Fukrey 3

Additional Lyrics By Mirgdeep Singh Lamba

Language: Hindi

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Atrangi Kissa Lyrics in English

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Atrangi Kissa Lyrics in Hindi

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Final words: “Atrangi Kissa,” a soulful composition from the much-awaited movie Fukrey 3, serenades listeners with the mesmerizing voices of Gandhharv Sachdeva and Divya Kumar, bringing alive the magic of its heartfelt lyrics penned by Vipul Vig and complemented by additional lyrics from Mirgdeep Singh Lamba. The music, crafted by the talented Sumeet Bellary, weaves a melodic tapestry that perfectly captures the essence of the film. This song is not just a musical delight; it’s a testament to the creative brilliance behind the scenes, promising audiences an unforgettable cinematic experience. With its roots in Hindi, the language of emotions, “Atrangi Kissa” is poised to touch hearts and resonate with listeners, showcasing the artistry that defines the soundtrack of Fukrey 3.

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